The latest issue of the Japanese Famitsu game score announced! A total of 4 games participated in the competition, and the “Borderlands 3”, which was released last month, won 35 points and entered the Platinum Hall. The sale of this book symbolizes the climax of the development process in the past five years, and re-established the true status of the series as a leader of the type of shooting and treasure, and enjoy the fun of the game.

Next, “Blood Code” and “F1 2019” all received 32 points. The “Blood Code”, known as the “Comic version of the soul game”, is a hard-action RPG game developed with the Unreal 4 engine. Players will work together as a member of the vampire named “Resurrection” to uncover the truth of the world and resist the fate of destruction. “F1 2019” content is in-depth cooperation with F1, creating a custom-made racing car for the game and providing more detailed racer and vehicle customization functions.