2K this month’s other masterpiece “Borderlands 3” will soon be officially released this week. The media score has been lifted globally at 10 o’clock tonight, and the official officially announced the release of the game. Preview.

The announcement of the sale is still a consonant Chinese dubbing, and maintains a strong “homeless land” style, the four protagonists and the villain twins all appeared, the confrontation is on the verge, are you ready?

“Borderlands 3” will be officially launched on September 13, 2019 in the Epic Game Mall on PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC platforms. The pre-order has been opened in the Epic Game Mall area, “Borderlands 3” The Standard Edition is priced at $29.99, and the Super Deluxe Edition is priced at $69.99 for a limited time during the pre-order period and will be reinstated to $89.99 after the launch.

At the same time, the SHiFT Membership Program of the “Lord of the Land” series – “The Secrets Insider Plan” is now open. Players can register for free in the game before the “No Land” series, and get rich rewards. How to register and login And use please click here.