In April of this year, Rhys Baker, the original voice actor of Rhyss, and Randy Pitchford, the CEO of Gearbox, “tore each other”, the two sides clashed with Rhys dubbing in “borderlands 3”, Troy It means that the other party did not go to the union and could not participate in the non-union performance, and Randy said that Troy refused the invitation.

Five months later, Gearbox posted a statement to IGN today to respond to the matter.

The statement reads: “Troy is an extraordinary genius. To our disappointment, he refused to cooperate with “borderlands 3″. We wish him all the best and hope that he understands that the cooperation proposal is still valid. Gearbox Is a Texas-based company that is governed by Texas law. This means that a person cannot be denied employment because of the membership or non-membership of a union or other labor organization. As an organization that has both talent and talent leadership, Gearbox is actively working to ensure that our wages and working conditions meet or exceed trade union standards. We also believe that local voice actors can be hired as long as they are qualified, which is why we are excited, and Troy has worked with us since his career. Soaring.”

Gearbox also provides a link to the Texas Attorney General’s website and the Texas Labor Law website.

Troy has not yet responded further. At that time, Troy had said that this had nothing to do with money, nor was it a schedule issue. It was Gearbox who was unwilling to pass the union and could not do non-union performances. He had been waiting for the other party to communicate, but there was no Gearbox.