Here’s where things get crazy. Killavolt will essentially electrify the entire floor. If you’re playing as Moze you can get into your mech at this time to avoid some damage. Otherwise, remember there’s health on the sides.

This move is almost impossible to avoid BUT you can avoid it by jumping above the small electrified spot so that when you land, you land on a panel that is no longer electrified. (Remember, electrified tiles will be the first to become safe tiles and yellow tiles will become electrified). If you can’t make it there, run/look for it at least and then you can jump over a good portion of it.

Otherwise, you’re gonna have a bad time. Speaking of which, more enemies will get released and killavolt will come back to rain down more electricity and try to ram into you.

Killavolt Wave 4 Red Health Bar

Killavolt will form a shield around himself. And the electric tiles keep getting harder to avoid.

Remember to keep an eye out for the yellow so you know when the electricity is coming.

Even when it seems impossible remember, those blue tiles will be the first sections to turn safe.

And then there’s an attack he has that’s unavoidable. Every tile is electrified.

Afterwards, the section that was initially in blue will be safe.

More enemies will keep coming but at least they can give you a second wind!

Finally, Killavolt has a new attack where he launched a big ball of electricity from his back and onto the floor, making a big section in front of him almost instantly electrified. The ball itself, can also hurt you.

He will keep cycling through these attacks until you kill him. You’ve seen it all. The only thing that changes in the floor patterns.

After destroying 1 part of the red health bar, his huge electric attack leaves several small patches of safety for instance.

From here just keep going until Killavolt is dead.