This page contains information on the locations of Typhon Logs and Dead Drop Locations found in Borderlands 3.

In many of the regions you’ll explore across the galaxy, you’ll find discarded logs from the first Vault Hunter – Typhon. By interacting with and reading all of his logs in a region, Tannis can triangulate the position of a lost Typhon Dead Drop – and you can stand to gain a ton of loot from these hidden chests.

Note that even if you find the Dead Drop early, you cannot access it until the Typhon logs in that area have been found first.

Logs and Dead Drops below are divided up into regions. You can also view our Interactive Maps for more information.

The Droughts Typhon Log 1

The first Typhon Log can be found close to the Bandit Outpost is where you’re sent to kill Dumptruck, north of the Crimson Raiders outpost where you must drive over the gap.

From the outpost, head left until you are overlooking a valley where a Legendary Hunt is, and look to the side of an abandoned bus to find the log perched on the edge.

The Droughts Typhon Log 2

The second Typhon Log can be found outside of the Crimson Raiders Drydock on the southern entrance, heading right from the outpost at the start of the region – not far from Tannis’ Dig Site.

It’s located on a pile of large rocks to the side of the road leading to the drydock, and surrounded by a skag nest you’ll need to clear out before you can reach it.

The Droughts Typhon Log 3

The final log location is found on the edge of a bandit base where you need to obtain an Astronav Chip during the Main Mission, Taking Flight. You can find the area at the farthest location from where you start at the Crimson Raiders Outpost.

Fight your way into the base camp and eliminate the Varkids guarding the area and the bandits inside until you can reach the balcony overlooking the the power lines below, and the log will be perched on the edge.

The Droughts Typhon Dead Drop

To find the Dead Drop, triangulate the three logs, and Tannis will point you in the direction of an old Dahl Memorial Dam, which hides begin a set of barriers not far down the road from where the third log was.

Take out the Varkids that swam the lower area below the dam building, and then move up and around to the far side of the concrete dam to find the large Dead Drop chest on the side.

Ascension Bluff Typhon Log 1

This Typhon Log is found along the long cliff-side just as the road begins to curve left when driving up from the entrance to the Ascension Bluff.

You can find it just to the right of an impounded car you can steal, and to the left of a Legendary Hunt.

Ascension Bluff Typhon Log 2

Much like the other Typhon Log, this one can also be found on a cliff-side overlooking the distant broadcast station where the main mission takes you to fight Mouthpiece.

It’s much close to the main path leading up to the Children of the Vault base, located on some small metal scaffolding built into the side of the cliff.

Ascension Bluff Typhon Log 3

You can locate it no far from a mysterious locked door that’s surrounded by a Varkid Nest, and the log is located across a small ravine from one of the lower bases.

Ascension Bluff Typhon Dead Drop

Once you’ve located all three of the Typhon Logs, the position of the Dead Drop will be triangulated to appear right at the main gate leading up to the Children of the Vault broadcasting center.

Look near the Catch-a-Ride platform for some shipping containers, and climb up to locate an opening on the top that lets you drop into find the loot box.

Promethea Typhon Locations

This Typhon Log can be found with in the main Spillways of the Meridian Outskirts, off on the left side when first entering the area.

To reach the Log, you must find a makeshift camp that’s the target of the Maliwannabees Side Mission. Take the lift on the south side up to the camp, and then look along the right side along the shipping containers for a small balcony where the log is located.

Meridian Outskirts Typhon Log 2

This Typhon Log is hiding among a ruined tower in the middle of the first main Spillways of the outskirts near where you first arrive in the main path from starting in this region.

Once arriving in the large open area, you’ll find it almost straight ahead towards where the long half-broken overpass is (and the path to where you can reach the Meridian Metroplex is). Look below the broken road to find a tall broken pillar with a space in the middle, and the log will be located at the base.

Meridian Outskirts Typhon Log 3

There is one more Typhon log in this area of the Meridian Outskirts, towards the far back Spillways of the zone.

You can locate the log where the main path branches off into a garage area that leads both to the Metroplex and to the site of the Technical NOGout Side Mission. The log is located near some loot boxes right as you enter the tunnel.