“Borderlands 3” sold for 5 days to break 5 million sets 2K pre-sales maximum works broke Epic pre-order

2K Games China’s official Weibo issued a document today, announcing that “Borderlands 3” sold more than 5 million sets within five days after its launch, making this the fastest-selling game in 2K’s history, and also 2K on the PC. The best-selling work. “Borderlands 3” is also the multi-platform work with the highest proportion of 2K

“Borderlands 3” update content Chinese log A number of BUG repair stability greatly improved

Recently, Gearbox launched a new patch for “Borderlands 3”, and 2KGames China official micro has released the Chinese version of this update. The official said that the update includes the first performance fixes. “The game is far from perfect. There are still many problems to be solved. The development team is fully researching, testing and

“Borderlands 3” welcomes updates! Zane is strengthened. The Beastmaster Witch is weakened!

Recently, “Borderlands 3” officially updated a wave of balanced patches, among which the most vulnerable of the four characters, Zane, has been greatly strengthened, while the witch Amara and the Beastmaster FL4K have been weakened to varying degrees. The gunman Moser escaped. There are changes to the weapons that are convenient for different types of

Borderlands 3 Reveals First Details For Halloween Limited-time Event, Bloody Harvest

Gearbox has revealed the first details for Bloody Harvest, the first limited-time event for Borderlands 3 since the game was released. As the name implies, Bloody Harvest is a spooky event complete with new enemies, areas, and, of course, gear.During The Borderlands Show, Gearbox’s new monthly web show for Borderlands news, Borderlands 3 creative director Paul Sage

How Long Is Borderlands 3?

James Duggan, Reviewer At a brisk pace, it took me just over 30 hours to beat Borderlands 3’s campaign and the vast majority of its story content. Keep in mind that at some point during the review process I consciously stopped exploring in order to make sure the review went up on time, so I