It’s been a week since the release of Land of Borderlands 3.

CEO Randy Pitchford has been very happy recently. The number of online users on the first day of “Borderlands 3” has reached twice that of “No Land 2”, and the continuous upward trend is very gratifying, and the number of online users is still rising.

The well-known stations of netizens are also very happy. The search volume of “Borderlands 3” has skyrocketed, especially the “Mosi” affix… If you have played the arena mission, you should know what I am talking about.

From the data point of view, “Borderlands 3” is very hot, and can even be said to be the most fascinating game at this stage. Then, let’s take a look at the evaluation status from the release to the present.

In metacritic, the PC version of “Borderlands 3” averaged 84 points (79 points for the PS4 version). Among them, IGN is as decisive as 9/10, and there are also PC GAMER which is considered to be “the most boring story in the whole series” and gives 63 points. Although it is down from the previous 89 points, in general, its media score is also stuck in the “most 3A games will fall into the range.”

However, after the player’s rating was lifted, the evaluation of “Borderlands 3″ was not so beautiful.

Due to well-known reasons, this time no owner 3 did not log in to Steam at the first time, and EPIC does not have a perfect player evaluation mechanism. We can only look at the comparison on metacritic: compared to the player score of 8.2, the player comment area of ​​”Borderlands 3” seems to have been brushed by a wave of bad reviews (the following are PC ratings, but PS4 version) Player ratings are very close):

In the discussion version, most of the players submitted the bad comments are very “time trend”: at the beginning, most of the bad reviews stem from the unsatisfactory design of “Borderlands 3” during the game, such as “Everything is 2019, I can only track one task at a time”, “There are no special gameplays for multiplayer online”, and there are also “new masters and 2 new pieces of information that complain about new elements: opening four new roles.” And new areas” and so on;

After most of the core spend 25-40 hours on the game, the bad reviews point to the perhaps fatal place: ENDGAME is not good enough game balance. Accurately speaking, the spearhead refers to the beastmaster hunting that can now cause a super-high burst of BOSS by stealth viscoelastic bombs. Under the guise of this almost super-star rating, the other three characters are somewhat eclipsed, especially the agents who are relatively weak.

In addition, in the main body of the players to reach customs clearance, the discussion of the plot has begun to surface, for the final arrangement of the finale, a key role in the final moment of choice has brought a lot of controversy. The more common opinion is that it is not good for two generations, and it can even be said that it is a lot worse.

What is more about “Borderlands 3” compared to “Borderlands 2”?

After spending 28 hours to get through the game, I am probably qualified to do some evaluation. In my opinion, the most striking new content of “Borderlands 3” is the official Chinese that has finally arrived and the Chinese dubbing that is quite good (if you play the big escape line, you will definitely understand what I am talking about). In addition, it is the picture that is finally not faint after changing to the Unreal 4 engine, so that the players who are dizzy in the 1st, 2nd generation and the prequel can finally play for a long time. The types of firearms have been improved, and the details of sound effects and feels have also been upgraded in all directions.

Apart from these? Of course, the new role, the new area… oh, um. It seems that it is gone.

And about the plot… yes. You can see the predecessor’s role appear all the time, it sounds like a full face. But in fact, most of the predecessors just came out and went through the game, but did not really participate in this story. The main line seems loose and unreasonable. At some key plot turning points, your role is not personally involved, but is blocked by being forced to watch the plot progress in the direction of badness… This will happen at least three times. The end of the over-expanding treatment is also difficult to satisfy the players who care about the plot.

In the end, the players are often relished with a series of traditional squatting and squatting tasks. Only these missions carry the useless punk taste of “The Land of the Lord”.

There is a brother who said that he got a bit: this scene is like a villain playing live on his girlfriend, and he can only watch behind the screen.

But the nonsense and spoof of the branch line is just a side dish. Need to build on the premise that the main line is both profound and witty, but also reveals a cruel meaning, will not make the whole game become too hurricane. When the spur line began to take over, the main story itself was definitely a problem.

“Borderlands 3” is very hot, but more problems are emerging.

I can understand and even support some of the radical bad comments. After all, the old batch of “No Land” players have waited for 3 for too long, and finally waited, this “3” is not much different from “2”, if your expectations are still relatively high. Therefore, the resulting gap will naturally make you unhappy.

If you look at the “competition” argument, “Borderlands 3” is now safe. The two categories of RPG and FPS can be so mellow in the market, and it is the only one that can enjoy the thrill of the equipment in the “Dark”. Just like 2K’s basketball game next door, there is no strong competitor in the market, you can even make a bath in the bad reviews to make money.

But is it just security enough?

Still, the seven years are really too long. For a long time, the “No Land” series has been put on a layer of memories, so that people are looking forward to the arrival of the third generation when they return to the second generation. The current red-hot player commentary is that the players will inevitably become angry after this filter is broken.

So, trouble the follow-up DLC to hurry.