“Borderlands 3” has been released this month. Its character style is not very popular with domestic players. However, in a well-known “station” in a foreign country, there are many people searching for “None.” The Land of the Lord, the first week of the game’s release, its search volume has soared directly to 12,905%!

That’s right, there are millions of players now in the crazy “bad to make up” “The Land of Nowhere” film, which makes “The Land of the Lord” become the first high-search game on P-hub. Watching Pioneer’s search volume is 3 times and “Fortress Night” is 5 times more searchable. This is unprecedented.

The most searched role: Moxxi

According to statistics, the most searched keywords are “Borderlands 3”, the second is the game kanban mother “Moxxi”, then “the land of the land of hentai”, “the land of no land, Lilith”, ” There are also many people searching for cosplay without the land.

Other statistics show that male users are 84% more likely to search for unowned books than women; Android users are 12% higher than Apple users; and Xbox users are 78% higher than PlayStation users. Young people aged 18 to 24 have the highest search volume, and the older the search, the lower the search volume.