We have our second Borderlands 3 hotfix in about a week, and with it comes some changes to popular and unpopular builds, boss fights, and a few other random issues. And quite honestly, a lack of addressing many of the highest propriety issues in the game, if you ask me.

So, what’s changing in the new hotfix going live at or before 3 PM PDT today?

FL4K Buffs

Yes, FL4K is getting buffed, but not in the way you might think. Players have been asking for buffs to pet health and damage for endgame difficulties, but that’s not what we’re seeing here. Instead:

  • Rakk Attack now has a 100% status effect chance.
  • Barbaric Yawp increases stats by 100%, taking say, the 5% pet movespeed bonus from 10% to 15% if that skill is leveled up all the way.
  • Pets don’t push characters around and you will pet them less by accident.
  • There’s a nerf to the Leave No Trace skill which was returning too much ammo and now has a two second cooldown. This should nerf FL4K crit builds even further.

Moze Nerf

I am not sure how this change will affect the best Moze build in the game for infinite grenade spam, but Gearbox is changing it so that grenade regeneration now has a delay of two seconds, which should theoretically mean no more infinite grenades. But with a multi-grenade splitter like Storm Front, I wonder if that will even matter. I have to test.

Boss Nerfs

  • Gigamind now has less health, which I thought was weird given that he’s one of the easier bosses to farm in the game.
  • Katagawa Ball no longer regenerates his shields, which I didn’t realize he could do.
  • Billy the Anointed got a 25% health nerf and that was a bad fight so that’s good to see.


A few other random changes have been made:

  • Hollow Point is back as a Guardian Rank perk and now you can’t hurt yourself or teammates/pets with hit.
  • Bloated Rakks spawn less Rakksnakes, but no word on overall health for those beefy Rakks.
  • Amara’s Glamour will actually turn enemies against each other like it’s supposed to.

And a few other bug fixes that I don’t think are worth mentioning.

Not Addressed

A surprising amount of clear problems are not addressed at all in this hotfix, and this is the list of priority fixes I would hope Gearbox will roll out soon:

  • A lot more Zane buffs, including a look at all his broken skills.
  • Buffs to Moze mech damage and health in lategame.
  • Buffs to FL4Ks pet’s damage and health in lategame.
  • Nerfs to Anointed Militants that have that incredibly awful immunity fire move.
  • Fix the super common bug of the game glitching out/falling through the map after killing Troy.

That’s on my list, for a start. We’ll see what these first changes bring.