Recently, “Borderlands 3” officially updated a wave of balanced patches, among which the most vulnerable of the four characters, Zane, has been greatly strengthened, while the witch Amara and the Beastmaster FL4K have been weakened to varying degrees. The gunman Moser escaped. There are changes to the weapons that are convenient for different types of weapons.

Secret hunter adjustment


1, [digital clone] damage increased by 38%

2, [UAV] damage increased by 50%

– Frozen damage damage penalty removed

– Drone rocket damage increased by 50%

– All-round gun damage increased by 75%


1, [Guardian Angel] life recovery reduced from 100% to 50%

2, [Charm] damage penalty reduced from -30% to -10%


1, [the guerrillas in the fog] duration reduced from 8 seconds to 6 seconds

2, [mid the guerrillas] crit damage bonus reduced from 50% to 25%

Gun weapon adjustment

Sniper rifle

1, crit damage increased by 20%

2, the rate of fire increased by 15%

3, aiming angle switching time reduced by 15%

4, equipment time required to reduce by 20%


1, TEDIORE pistol damage increased by 15%

2, DAHL pistol damage increased by 15%

3, Children of the Vault pistol damage increased by 20%

4, Jakobs pistol damage reduced by 15%

5, Torgue pistol damage reduced by 10%

Maliwan manufacturer weapon

1, all Maliwan gun damage increased by 25%

2, all Maliwan guns increase the rate of fire by 20%

Atlas manufacturer weapons

1, all Atlas gun damage increased by 25%

Other weapon adjustment

1, Jakobs Assault carbine damage increased by 20%

2, DAHL submachine gun damage increased by 10%

3, Vladof heavy weapon damage increased by 25%

4, E-Tech TEDIORE shotgun damage increased by 50%