Sanctuary Walkthrough

After speaking with Ellie, make your way up the large flight of stairs and Board the Ship.

A short cutscene will play as you enter the ship, informing the group about Lilith’s powers being stolen by Tyreen and Troy.

Once the cutscene finishes, Talk to Lilith.

Install the Astronav chip into the central console. Claptrap will then attempt to make the ship travel to Promethea, however, he manages to cause significant damage to the ship after rushing the process.

With the chip installed, Lilith asks you to check on the rest of the crew to ensure that they are okay after the incident. Use the on screen markers to find each of the crews location. Note, these can be completed in any order.

Check on Tannis in the Infirmary. To increase the temperature of the room, Melee the Thermal Control System.

Check on the Crew Quarters, which is located near the Fast Travel station.

You will discover that several crew members are trapped inside a room. Release the Trapped Crew by pulling the lever.

Check on Marcus outside his store. Marcus will inform you that a fire has broken out and needs help extinguishing the flames.

Extinguish them by shooting the fire suppressors. There are 3 in total that need to be extinguished. Use the on-screen markers as a guide for each of the locations.

Once the fires have been extinguished, Talk to the Marcus. He will allow you to Browse the SDU (Super Duper Useful) case.

Talk to Ellie in the cargo bay.

Ellie informs you that the fire destroyed the Cargo, get rid of it by Opening the Garage to Space. To open the garage, pull the nearby lever.

Follow Ellie to the Supply Closet in the Cargo Bay area to find the part needed for the ship.

Bang on the Supply Closet Door to get Earl’s attention.

Exit the Cargo Bay and Find Moxxi’s Nightclub.

Speak with Ellie’s Mother, Moxxi.

Follow Moxxi and Use the Slot Machine.

Take the Eridium you win from the machine and use it to buy something from Crazy Earl.

After your purchase, Earl will hand over the Entropy Accelerator.

Take the Entropy Accelerator and install it in the console near the Infirmary.

Return to the Bridge and a cutscene involving Tyreen and Troy will begin.

Navigate the Ship to Promethea after the cutscene ends.

Once the ship arrives in Promethea’s atmosphere, Talk to Lilith to conclude the mission.