Cold as the Grave Mission Summary

Wainwright knows where the final Vault Key fragment is, which makes your job a lot simpler; shoot your way to the fragment, shoot your way into the Vault, then shoot your way out. It’s best not to get bogged down in the details.

Cold as the Grave Rewards and Requirements

Listed below are the rewards and level requirements for completing the Cold as the Grave Mission Objectives.

Suggested Level: Lvl 27


Cold as the Grave Mission Objectives

  • Talk to Wainwright
  • Meet Clay Follow Clay
  • Enter the Estate
  • Find the Barrel Delivery Pipe
  • Secure the Area
  • Find the Delivery Pipe
  • Activate the Delivery Pipe
  • Secure the Area
  • Activate the Delivery Pipe
  • Destroy the Barrel
  • Grab Vault Key Fragment
  • Enter the Conveyor System
  • Meet Wainwright
  • Defeat Aurelia
  • Check on Hammerlock
  • Head to the Estate Grounds
  • Reveal the Ruins: 1/3
  • Reveal the Ruins: 2/3
  • Reveal the Ruins: 3/3
  • Activate the Bridge
  • Enter the Ruins
  • Meet Tannis
  • Give the Vault Key to Fragment to Tannis
  • Wait for Tannis to Create the Key
  • Take the Vault Key
  • Place the Vault Key
  • Defeat Grave & Defeat Ward
  • Defeat Graveward
  • Observe Tannis
  • Loot the Vault
  • Talk to Tannis
  • Return to Sanctuary
  • Talk to Lilith

Cold as the Grave Walkthrough

Talk to Wainwright

Make your way to Knotty Peak and talk to Wainwright.

Meet With Clay & Follow Him

Speak with Clay at Reliance and follow him to the entrance of the Estate.

Enter the Estate

Go down the pathway and enter the Blackbarrel Cellars.

Find the Barrel Delivery Pipe

Make your way through the rooms until you reach the delivery room.

Secure the Area

Once you’re inside the delivery room, secure the area and take out all the enemy COV.

Activate the Delivery Pipe & Clear the Room

With all enemies cleared, press the green button on the console. This will fail and more enemies will begin to enter the room. Take them out and repeat this process until the barrel appears. Just be warned, while trying to get the barrel to appear, you’ll encounter a Badass Hog that needs to be taken down.

Destroy the Barrel & Grab the Vault Key Fragment

After finally entering the correct code, the barrel will appear. Shoot the barrel and take the Vault Key Fragment that falls on the ground.

Enter the Conveyor System

With the key collected, head to the floor above and enter the conveyor system.

Meet Wainwright

After traveling through the conveyor, you’ll meet up with Wainwright. Continue through the rooms and clear the enemies as you go.

You’ll eventually reach a large set of stairs that lead to a room full of hanging bodies. You’ll spot a large whole in the ground nearby, gear up and jump down the hole when you are ready to fight Aurelia.

Defeat Aurelia

Aurelia is a Cyro based boss that uses her ice as her main weapon. Aurelia has one shield based health bar and one normal health bar. So using weapons that she is weak too, particular ones that leave a lasting effect, will be the most ideal. Do note, that Aurelia’s weakspot is her head, so be sure to always aim for this area.

During our playthrough, we found that by standing on either end of the room, we were able to use this space to move side to side to avoid any of her incoming projectile attacks such as the ice blast.

We also highly recommend switching between to the two sides when she casts her snowfalll attack that covers a particular area with snow.One of the biggest things that you need to pay attention to when fighting Aurelia, is when she encases herself in ice.

This special ability will allow her to regain her shield, in order to stop this from happening you will need to shoot the ice as quickly as possible.Aurelia can also spawn whirlwinds throughout the fight, in which they will suck you up if you get too close and spit you out while dealing damage. While they can at times be deadly, they are pretty easy to avoid due to their slow speed.

It may also be worth mentioning that Aurelia does spawn COV forces during the battle. The damage that these forces deal are rather low when compared to Aurelia, so don’t stress too much about having to defeat them mid fight.

Check on Hammerlock

After the battle with Aurelia, check on Hammerlock and ensure that he is okay after being frozen.

Head to the Estate Grounds

Outside to the Estate Grounds and begin the process of finding a way into the vault.

Reveal the Ruins: 1/3

After heading outside, you’ll find a large covered area that houses a statue and a recording underneath it. Listen to the recording to shoot the statue in the head.

Reveal the Ruins: 2/3

Having taken out the first statue, head East into the large greenhouse and take out the COV enemies inside. Inside the second area of the greenhouse, you will find a second statue. Listen to the recording and shoot the statue between the… uh… legs.

Reveal the Ruins: 3/3

Head back to the first ruin and head West through the cave filled with Jabbers and listen to the recording. The record will reveal that the statue must be shot in the back.

Activate the Bridge

With all three statues solved, make your way back to the large central area and press the large green button that is located on the console in the middle of the small pool. Pressing the button will activate the bridge.

Enter the Ruins

Walk across the bridge and enter the Ruins.

Meet Tannis & Give Her the Vault Key Fragment

Once you meet the ruins, continue forward and give Tannis the final Vault Key Fragment.

Wait for Tannis to Create the Key

Wait for Tannis to form the Vault Key.

Take the Vault Key & Place the Vault Key

Once you’re ready to fight the final boss, take the Vault Key from Tannis and jump down the large hole. As soon as you have jumped down, place the Vault Key Fragment into the console in the center of the room.

Defeat Grave & Ward

As soon as you place the Vault Key into the console, two vault guardians will spawn. These two guardians will not only shoot at you, but also melee you, so be sure to keep your distance from the two monster.

Using shock based weapons, kill the Vault Guardians. While fighting them, you’ll encounter an attack where they begin to throw large orange orbs. Use this moment to take them down as fast as possible.

Defeat Graveward

Unlike any other boss, Graveward has several small dedicated areas in which people can deal damage to him. These yellow glowing areas can be found on his head, chest, and hand and can be considered the weakest spots on his body.

When it comes to fighting Graveward, you’ll need to understand his 5 different attack styles – with each featuring a unique mechanic.

Graveward works on a pattern, once you learn this pattern you’ll quickly be able to master his attacks with ease.

To start things off, this particular attack involves Graveward tilting the battlefield on its side. As expected, you will begin to slide. The best method to overcome this is by standing in the large crater like holes on the platform.

You’ll need to keep a watchful eye on your surroundings though, as Graveward will throw a wave of energy balls at the top of the platform, causing the balls to roll down while it is still titled. While this may sound tricky, you’ll eventually get use to it, as you will need to squeeze between the gap in the balls as they roll by.

Moving onto the next attack, you will find that Graveward will smash his left hand into the wall – dodge this attack to avoid taking unnecessary damage. This will stun his hand for several second, making it a primary time to launch your characters special ability on the large glowing orb on his hand.

Next, watch for the glowing areas on the ground and avoid the area at all costs, as it will indicate where Graveward will slam both of his hands on the platform. With both hands slammed, make your way towards his head that is now resting and launch as much damage as you can into the weakspots on his head.

For the Graveward’s final attacks, you will notice that as he begins to lift his head up, he’ll begin to vomit toxic waste all over the area. This is particularly hard to avoid, however you can avoid being dealt unnecessary damage by simply making your way through to the other side of the area that did not get poisoned.

Now comes the dreaded part, the large fire beam that forces you to be dealt damage. For this reason, ensure that you are well prepared with shields and health.

As the large beam is incoming, run and powerslide beneath the beam. This will not completely remove the damage in which you will be dealt, but rather minimize it.