Blood Drive Mission Summary

The Calypsos have kidnapped Tannis and are going to execute her for the entertainment of their followers for an Eridium pledge drive! Unless you can stop them, they’ll use that Eridium to charge the Pandora Vault Key! Also, Tannis will die, which is also bad, so maybe you should stop them.

Blood Drive Rewards and Requirements

Listed below are the rewards and level requirements for completing the Blood Drive Mission Objectives.

Suggested Level: Lvl 28


Blood Drive Mission Objectives

  • Return to The Droughts
  • Go to Devil’s Razor
  • Destroy Gate with a Vehicle
  • Go to Roland’s Rest
  • Meet Vaughn
  • Go to Splinterlands
  • Get into the Carnivora Festival
  • Drive onto the Conveyor
  • Start the Conveyor
  • Go to Big Donny’s Chop Shop
  • Find Big Donny
  • Defeat Big Donny
  • Take the Car Keys
  • Use the Crane Controls
  • Drive chariot to Carnivora Gate
  • Park the Golden Chariot on Conveyor
  • Start the Conveyor
  • Enter the Carnivora Gates
  • Catch Up to Carnivora
  • Stall the Carnivora
  • Destroy the Fuel Lines: 0/3
  • Kill the Supporting Crew
  • Destroy the Transmission
  • Kill the Remaining Crew
  • Destroy the Main Tank
  • Board the Carnivora
  • Find Tannis
  • Choose your Intro Music
  • Enter the Arena
  • Destroy the Agonizer 9000
  • Kill Pain and Kill Terror
  • Talk to Tannis

Blood Drive Walkthrough

Return to The Droughts

After the events that occurred in Cold as the Grave, make your way back to The Droughts.

Go to Devil’s Razor

Once in the Droughts, head to Devil’s Razor via the on-screen marker.

Destroy Gate with a Vehicle

In order to use the travel gate to Devil’s Razor, you will need to use your vehicle to destroy the gate that the COV has set up.

Go to Roland’s Rest and Meet Vaughn

With the gate destroyed, head to Roland’s Rest and meet with Vaughn.

Go to Splinterlands

After speaking with Vaughn, it is revealed that Tannis is being held in the Splinterlands.

Get into the Carnivora Festival

In order to get into the Carnivora Festival, you will need a vehicle. Once you have a vehicle, make your way to on-screen marker.

Drive onto the Conveyor

Once you reach the entrance, drive the vehicle onto the conveyor.

Start the Conveyor

Head up the small set of stairs to the nearby console and press the button.

Go to Big Donny’s Chop Shop

You’ll need more than just a plain ol’ vehicle to get into Carnivora, so you’ll need to pay Big Donny a visit at his chop shop in order to steal his Gold Chariot. Follow the objective points on the map

Find Big Donny

Head through Big Donny’s Chop Shop and take out any COV forces in side.

Defeat Big Donny

As soon as the COV have been taken care of, defeat Big Donny by taking out the turret.

Take the Car Keys

Take the Car Key’s from the Big Donny’s body.

Use the Crane Controls

Directly above you, you will find a large crane that is being used to hold the Golden Chariot in the air. Use the nearby staircase to climb to the top, to access the Crane Controls.

Drive chariot to Carnivora Gate

Now that the Crane has been lowered, drive the Golden Chariot to the Carnivora Gate.

Park the Golden Chariot on Conveyor and Start the Conveyor

Once you reach the gates to Carnivora, drive the chariot onto the conveyor and use the same method as above to start the conveyor belt.

Enter the Carnivora Gates

Your car has finally be accepted, enter the area to the festival. Once inside, you’ll need to navigate the through the small camps of COV until you reach the gates that unlock Carnivora.

Catch Up to Carnivora

Once inside the large gates, you’ll have to watch a cutscene that introduces the large vehicle known as Carnivora. Use the nearby Catch-a-Ride to spawn a vehicle so that you can catch up to Carnivora.

Stall the Carnivora

Now that you have caught up to Carnivora, do everything you can to stall the giant vehicle. This will include Destroying the Fuel Lines and Killing the Supporting Crew.

Destroy the Fuel Lines: 0/3

To stall the vehicle, destroy its three large glowing fuel lines.

Kill the Supporting Crew

Once the fuel lines have been destroyed, take out the supporting crew vehicles.

Destroy the Transmission

With the fuel lines and supporting crew taken care of, you will now need to destroy the Transmission – this can be found glowing bright red beneath the vehicle.

Kill the Remaining Crew

More supporting crew will appear, take them out.

Destroy the Main Tank

To destroy the Carnivora once and for all, destroy the main tank. This can be found glowing on the back of the vehicle.

Board the Carnivora

With everything defeated and destroyed, board the now stopped Carnivora via the hatch that fell open towards the ground.

Find Tannis

Once inside the Carnivora, navigate through the large maze of rooms – taking out the COV along the way, until you eventually come across an elevator that requires you to pick your own introduction music.

Choose your Intro Music

Before you enter the arena, pick the intro music that you would like played. This choice will not affect the story in any way.

Enter the Arena

Now that you are ready to go, jump down the hole in the hallway to begin.

Destroy the Agonizer 9000

Choosing the right weapon for defeating The Agonizer 9000 is arguably one of the most important aspects of this fight, as you will want to avoid using any weapon scopes during this battle. The reasoning for using hip-fire only is due to the fact that many of The Agonizer 9000’s attacks require you to have full view of the screen. Without full view, it’s very easy to miss incoming attacks and be dealt significant damage.

In order to defeat The Agonizer, you are going to want to aim for the weakest spots on his body. These weak spots can be found in his eyes and the red fuel cans that are located on his arm, back, and head.

One of The Agonizer’s most deadly attacks comes in the form of a large spiked board, this board can kill you instantly, however it can be dodged by running sideways until you are in the clear. This won’t work on every occasion, so be prepared to take down one of the many enemies that he spawns in the arena for a second wind at life.

The Agonizer 9000 also has several other attacks that you need to be wary about, as one involves dodging a large saw that he throws out from his chest, while another involves jumping over or crouching beneath a large blade that sweeps around the arena.

If that wasn’t already enough, he can also perform an attack that causes the floor to flash red and eventually turn to fire. Thankfully, this attack can be easily avoided by running sideways and getting to the nearest floor piece that isn’t glowing red.

Once you have taken down his armor, a somewhat large purple core can be found on his stomach. Without his armor, you’ll have no trouble taking down the The Agonizer 9000. While this core is active, he will fire a purple laser attack, however this can be easily avoided by running away from it.

Kill Pain and Kill Terror

Once you have defeated the Agonizer 9000, kill Pain and Terror. These two are very easy to kill, simply take them out with a high DPS weapon.

Talk to Tannis

Now that you have discovered Tannis’s secret, speak with her to complete the mission.

Quick Tips and Tricks for Defeating The Agonizer 9000

  • Avoid unnecessary damage by constantly moving around the map.
  • The large spiked board can be avoided by running out of the hit area. This doesn’t always work out as planned though.
  • Aim for The Agonizer 9000’s weakest areas – these weak spots can be found hidden across his body as red fuel tanks and even his red glowing eyes.
  • Avoid using your weapons scope, as it can drastically limit your area of sight – something that is very important during this fight.