Recently, Gearbox launched a new patch for “Borderlands 3”, and 2KGames China official micro has released the Chinese version of this update.

The official said that the update includes the first performance fixes. “The game is far from perfect. There are still many problems to be solved. The development team is fully researching, testing and processing, and strives to add more problem fixes and performance improvements to the later patches as soon as possible. “.


• [PC only] Reduces the amount of texture streaming in the sight mode.

• Fix the Karton problem that is often encountered by some of the players in the buddy list.

• Improve overall stability.

Overall repair and improvement

· Repairing the Shield Volt’s Shield Storm attack does not disable the ground around it, causing the entire ground to have an electric shock determination.

· Fix the problem that the game “giant’s footsteps” may cause the game to continue.

· Fix the problem that the guardian level may be out of action and/or the player’s guardian level token becomes negative.

· Modify the vending machine, which will sort the merchandise by rarity.

· The host field of view is set to 75 by default. This modification will not affect the ongoing game.

· Special hints for particle text (Tedile weapons, “crit”, “immunity”) will display the correct translated text.

· Fixed a problem where some players encountered a vehicle acceleration that would continue to the next map.

· Fixed the problem of multiple explosions when a “porcelain tube bomb” collided with an object.

o This grenade cannot explode multiple times. After fixing this problem, the enemies in the land of no land will not be killed by the radiation attack.


· Adjust the terms of the “Left Joystick” and “Right Joystick” in the Russian Control Options screen.

· Fixed a problem where some players had no sound effects when using skill points in the UI.

· When an invalid email address is entered in the SHiFT Account Creation page, the text “Invalid” will be displayed correctly.

· Fix the “Today’s Recommended Items” item card to show the flicker problems that may occur before the vending machine.

· Fixed an issue where some players encountered an unread mail icon when there were no unread messages.

· The Armored Giant Bear button icon will be updated correctly when the control button is re-bound.

· Modify many of the features and elements of the Crazy Earl store.

· Fixed an issue where subtitles would not appear until the end of the initial transition.

· Fixed an issue where some players encountered social notifications stuck on the screen.

· Fixed an issue where some of the item previews could not be loaded in the locker.

· [PC only] Fixed an issue where the mouse cursor stayed in the last moved position when playing games with some PC players.

· [PC only] Fixes the problem that some PC players encounter cursors pointing to the wrong location in the UI.

Split screen and online multiplayer games

· Fixed a problem where some players switched to ECHO before the split-screen game became too low.

· Fixed a problem where some players’ sound effects became too low or missing when the distance between two players in the split-screen game was too far.

· Fixed an issue where some trio teams could not be paired with a single player.

· Fixing a split screen game when one player opens the ECHO menu may affect another player’s sprint animation.

· Fixing a split screen game when one player opens the ECHO menu may affect another player’s sight mode.

· Fix a small number of client replication issues:

o Fixing Dina’s pizza bomb shows incorrect problems on the client.

o Modify some of the sound effects elements so they don’t loop around on the client.

o Fixed an issue where the Guardian level “Dead Arm” function was incorrect.

· When playing any type of multiplayer game, the player icon will be fixed on one side of the minimap.