Borderlands 3 uses the Unreal 4 engine but does not support ray tracing. However, using the “Pascal Gilcher light chasing and rendering” technology can make it have similar RTX visual effects. There have been many old games that have been completely renewed under this technology. How about the performance of “Borderlands 3”?

It can be seen that the game has improved after using the light chasing, especially in the y-direction shadow (where there is no direct sunlight); however, because the game uses a beautiful comic style instead of a real material, the overall feeling is The original version is similar and cannot show the effect of “photo level”.

Although this “light chasing and re-rendering” technology is not as good as the original light chasing effect, some games do not have the light chasing itself. Only this technology can be used to enhance the panoramic illumination of the game through post-processing, which brings a similar effect of light chasing. The performance is also high, and the 1080Ti graphics card is used in the video, and it still feels slightly stuck.

“Borderlands 3” has landed on PS4, Xbox One and PC.