Today, the foreign media DSOG brings the PC performance analysis of “Borderlands 3” to see how the optimization of the new work is in the end.

testing platform:

CPU: i9 9900K

Memory: 16GB, DDR4, 3600Mhz

Graphics card: RX 580, RX Vega 64, RTX 2080Ti, GTX 980Ti and GTX 690

System: Windows 10, 64 bit

Driver: GeForce 436.30/Radeon Software Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.9.2

Since NVIDIA has not provided any SLI profiles for this project, this means that the performance of the dual-core GTX 690 will be similar to that of the GTX 680.

PC version of “Borderlands 3” has many adjustable effects, including anti-aliasing, texture flow, anisotropic filtering, material complexity, shadow, depth of field and so on. In addition, environmental details, terrain, foliage, characters, ambient light obscuration, volume fog, screen space reflections, etc. can be adjusted. Players can also turn FidelityFX Sharpening on or off, with a blurred view angle and choose DX11 or DX12. Since DX12 is currently in the BETA stage and the loading time is very long, it is recommended to use DX11.

CPU test:

In order to test the degree of utilization of this CPU in multi-threading, the foreign media simulated a dual-core, quad-core and six-core CPU respectively. In order to better reflect the multi-threaded use of the CPU, the external media will also reduce the resolution to 720P, to avoid any GPU failure.


The test found that “Borderlands 3” is not a game that is very demanding on the CPU, even if their dual-core CPU can reach 60 frames. However, the dual-core CPU encountered a lot of stagnation during the game. When it was replaced with a quad-core or a six-core, the stagnation situation was very small. Foreign media also said that after turning off hyper-threading, although “Borderlands 3” will not put pressure on their i9 9900K, when loading a new area, there is still a stuck, and when hyper-threading is turned on, the card The situation almost completely disappeared. Therefore, the foreign media strongly recommends that the player start hyperthreading when playing “Borderlands 3”.

Although “Borderlands 3” does not require high CPU, foreign media noticed that there is still a gap between i7 4930K and i9 9900K. As shown in the figure below, the highest frame quality of 1080P is 47, and the minimum frame number of 4930K is 47, while the minimum frame number of i9 9900K is 90. The difference between 2K resolution is reflected in 52 and 79, while in 4K, the performance of both is almost Consistent.