“borderlands 3” today officially lifted the ban on media ratings, and the major media have made evaluations for this work, most of which are praised. IGN scored 90 points for this work, and XGN scored 95 points. At present, the average media score of the game on the M station is 84 points, which has won the basic praise.

If “borderlands 3” is a modern brush and shoot game, but don’t care about its item economy and daily task life, then you can look forward to “No Land 4” with me. Without the constraints of permanent networking, you can exchange spoils at will, which is a refreshing change, but of course it is not the only reason why “borderlands 3” is such a good cooperative game. “borderlands 3” has an amazing amount of joy, and its amazing variety of weapons are also endless. The 30-hour campaign of “borderlands 3” is full of energy and replay. It has a lot of love details and diversity, and this is what makes it the highest point of the whole series.
Rating: 9 points

General comment: “borderlands 3” maintains a series of traditions of love for firearms, and finally achieves a transcendence of self through the number of amazing arsenals, humor and mission design.

+The story is a perfect ending for the series of 10 years of travel

+ Unique settings bring unique enemies and environments, encouraging different styles of play

+ Four new treasure hunters bring a satisfying diversity in gameplay style and skill trees

+ Different emphasis on weapon brands brings strategic builds


-Boss is too big to design bullets, but it’s still very happy.

– Although Tyreen (one of Boss)’s scripts are well written, Calypson (one of Boss) is not an attractive big villain at all.