For a game that needs to be brushed to get good equipment in addition to the long main line advancement, the file loss problem is much more desperate than the optimization and the Caton problem. I believe that many small partners have encountered similar problems during the weekend of “borderlands 3”. In addition to some local methods of the folk forum, the official also disclosed in the contact with foreign media Kotaku that it has been put on the line to fix the problem. Initial hot update to solve the problem.

The 2K staff contacted the Kotaku editor who was horribly lost, and sincerely said that they fully understand the frustration and dissatisfaction of the players, and have already communicated with Epic staff to solve the problem (after all, in Epic Mall, cloud archives by them Be responsible for). 2K guarantees that the game has been patched, and now the player launches the game and a window pops up asking if the player needs to synchronize the cloud archive. It is a pity that neither 2K nor Gearbox has published a specific treatment for lost archives, which is obviously very hurt for many players. After the Gearbox emergency production patch fixes the optimization problem that is difficult for the host to look directly at, it may release the official notice again in the near future, and we will continue to pay attention.