At the end of August, Gearbox announced the “Borderlands 3” after-sales update program at PAX West. The first update was the Halloween event “Bloody Harvest.” In The Land of Nowhere, Paul Sage, creative director of Borderlands 3, and host Greg Miller and Fran Mirabella watched the contents of Bloody Harvest.

It is understood that Bloody Harvest will be available to everyone when it is launched in October. During the event, players who explore the Sanctuary No. 3 in the Galaxy will begin to encounter haunted enemies. These haunted enemies are the key to the player’s access to a new specific event map, but be careful, from the ghosts of the murdered haunted enemies will obscure your view with the fog, weakening the gun’s operation, accuracy and ability to spread. When you explore the ghost-infested galaxy, you will get Hecktoplasm, which can be handed over to Morris, your new friend, who has settled on Refuge No. 3.

Once you enter the bloody harvest map, the horrible danger can be seen everywhere. Looking at the dark sky, you will see the long-winged pumpkin lights soaring in the air, eager to swoop down and spurt fire on your face. Gently walk through a terrible cemetery filled with mobs holding Maliwan, who kept a cemetery for you.

If you survive these creepy battles, you will face the boss with a bloody harvest. If the player bravely confronts many battles in the story battle of “Borderlands 3”, you may remember the confrontation with Captain Traunt, now he is back, although a little bit skinny, like the ghost captain, with some weirdness New power. Anyone who dares to enter this boss territory should be prepared for a hellish battle.

Of course, bloody harvest is also the best time to get rock and roll clothing, players can get some new decorative rewards in the event. If the player is committed to destroying the undead, the player will get an ECHO device look, a weapon jewelry, four hidden hunters (also applicable to Moser’s armored war elephants and FL4K pets), and a global weapon look. There are also new legendary spoils available, including two guns and a shield for the new terror mechanism, and a new grenade module. In addition, the ghostly enemies, ghosts and ghost captains drop the new “anointed” loot will have the opportunity to appear horror modifiers. Now let’s take a look at the horror spoils that only players can only get during the bloody harvest.

In addition, the “No Land” program also revealed the listing date of “No Land 2 vr”, which will be listed on October 22, including all contents of “BAMF” dlc.