Inhabited by Skags, Rakk, Varkids, and Spiderants, the searing-hot desert of Pandora is home to the infamous Children of the Vault.

Pandora History

“A barely-habitable rock that the Children of the Vault have made their homeworld. Pandora’s searing-hot deserts, vicious wildlife, and burgeoning bandit population have proved too much for all who have tried to tame the planet and exploit its resources. The ruins of Dahl, Atlas, and Hyperion facilities litter the landscape, inhabited by all manner of Skags, Rakk, Varkids, and Spiderants that are intent on eating and killing you. Usually in that order.”

Pandora Locations

Riddled with the ruins of Dahl, Atlas, and Hyperion facilities, the harsh desert environment and burgeoning bandit population has deterred many from visiting the area. For those brave enough to explore the lands, here are some of Pandora’s most prominent locations.

  • Sun Smasher Camp
  • Holy Broadcast Center
  • Roland’s Rest