This page marks the locations of all known Legendary Hunt challenges found in Borderlands 3.

As you explore different areas and planets, Sir Hammerlock may ask your help in taking out particularly tough and unique monsters for rewards. However, its worth noting that the difficulty of the hunts are based on the region, and they do not scale much during the main story.

Legendary Hunts below are divided up into regions. You can also view our Interactive Maps for more information.

The Droughts Legendary Hunt

The Lavender Crowly is a level 8 Legendary Hunt located in The Droughts. The beast will come out of cave at the end of a field marked by Varkid hives, and it is better to take out all other Varkids in the region before engaging.

You can find this unique Varkid on the far left side of the map, by taking the first left path past the Crimson Raiders base, or driving north across the gap and dropping into the valley past the bandit outpost where Dumptruck is located.

As the matriarch of the Crowly family of Varkids, Lavender can a tough foe to crack, as she’ll use cryo damage in her flight trails, projectiles ,and slams. Defeating her will cause her to spawn her next of kin – Bobby and Kira Crowly, who each have their own elemental damage to bring.

Each of these Varkids in turn will spawn two more family members. Kira will bring forth Eddie and Valerie, while Bobby will spawn Martha and Matty. be sure to take either Bobby or Kira first to lessen the amount of adds you’ll be facing at once.

Ascension Bluff Legendary Hunt

The Skrakk is a large and dangerous level 9 Rakk that Sir Hammerlock wants you to take down in the Ascension Bluff area, not far from its entrance.

You can find this beast by hugging the right wall after entering the region, not far below a Typhon log. The area will spawn multiple Skags and Rakks to deal with before the best emerges, and you’ll need to shoot it out of the sky.