Footsteps of Giants Mission Summary

Typhon thinks you can stop The Destroyer with the help of The Machine, but you’ll need four Vault Keys. Typhon knows where the Nekrotafeyo Vault Key is, and knowing is half the battle. The other half is sending a Vault Hunter to fight.

Footsteps of Giants Rewards and Requirements

Listed below are the rewards and level requirements for completing the Footsteps of Giants Mission Objectives.

Suggested Level: Lvl 32


Footsteps of Giants Mission Objectives

  • Go to the Vault
  • Clear the Maliwan Camp
  • Defeat the Elite Mechs
  • Find the Elevated Position
  • Destroy the Generator
  • Take the Alternate Route
  • Kill General Traunt
  • Go to the Vault
  • Reach the Temple
  • Clear the Maliwan Forces
  • Go to the Elevator
  • Activate the Temple Energy
  • Grab the Eridian Crystal
  • Place the Eridian Crystal
  • Kill Lt. Preston
  • Pick up the Eridian Crystal
  • Place Eridian Crystal
  • Use the Keyboard
  • Clear the Vault Room
  • Activate the Eridian Teleporter
  • Follow Typhon
  • Dig out the Vault Key
  • Find the Vault Key
  • Take the Vault Key
  • Place the Vault Key
  • Enter the Vault
  • Loot the Vault
  • Take the Eridian Fabricator

Footsteps of Giants Walkthrough

Go to the Vault

With Typhon’s help, follow him to the location of the Kekrotafeyo Vault Key.

Clear the Maliwan Camp

As you make your way to the Vault Key, you’ll encounter a Maliwan camp. Defeat all the enemies in the camp before moving on.

Defeat the Elite Mechs

Once the first wave of Maliwan forces have been defeated, General Traunt will send two Elite Mechs for you to take out.

Find the Elevated Position

With the camp now secure, climb on top of the building in the middle of the area to find the elevated position.

Destroy the Generator

Use the high advantage that the building provides to shoot the generator that is located on the other side of the force field.

Head through the newly unblocked gate and cross the bridge. As you begin crossing the bridge, General Traunt will have the bridge destroyed.

Take the Alternate Route

Now that the bridge is destroyed, you’ll need to follow the alternate route that is marked on your mini map.

Remember, you’ll need to take out any enemies you encounter along the way.

As you get to the large staircase, do note that jumping down the hole will cause the boss fight to begin.

Kill General Traunt

Similar to Captain Traunt in many ways, General Traunt is quite an easy boss to defeat. Featuring a total of two health bars – one shield and one health – General Traunt has three different attack styles.

While any weapon will do the trick, selecting something shock based would be the most ideal choice to break down his shield.

Firstly, you will find that General Taunt has the ability to throw both acid and shock orbs, which can deal quite a bit of damage should you get hit. Fortunately, these are easily dodged by either running or jumping to the side – these can leave a short lasting effect on the ground, so be wary of where you step.

General Taunt’s second attack comes in the form of a simple laser beam, this particular attack is rather fast and a little hard to miss. Don’t be too worried though, as the attack deals little damage.

The third and final attack is where he throws large orbs up into the air. These orbs will stay in the air for several before they break away and spread across the map. These will leave gunk on the ground, so be warned about the additional damage that you could potential take on should you get to close.

As mentioned in the tips above, running and gunning around the edge of the area is the best method for defeating this boss, however, please feel free to use the safe spot should you need it.

Go to the Vault

Once you have defeated General Traunt, continue towards the Vault by heading into the Tazendeer Ruins.

Reach the Temple

Follow Typhon’s instructions and continue through the area until you reach the Erdian temple.

Clear the Maliwan Forces

As you near the temple grounds, take out the Maliwan forces that happen to be blocking the way.

Go to the Elevator

With all enemy forces taken out, head to the elevator.

Activate the Temple Energy

In order to get the elevator working again, you’ll need to find two Eridian Crystals.