This page contains information on the locations of Eridian Writing in Borderlands 3.

Once you reach a certain point in the main story, you will be able to translate the mysterious Eridian Writing found on many planets and regions within. Do this, and you’ll get rewards in the form of Eridian currency and unlock new Proving Grounds.

Eridian Writing locations below are divided up into regions. You can also view our Interactive Maps for more information.

The Droughts Eridian Writing 1

This forgotten slab of Eridian Writing can be found in a cave by a valley in the left part of The Droughts, which you can reach by going left after leaving the Crismon Raiders outpost at the start of the region.

Once you reach the lair of the Legendary Hunt, the Lavender Crowly Varkid, look to the right for a small cave entrance, and inside you will find the writing.

The Droughts Eridian Writing 2

This slab of Eridian Writing can be found at Tannis Dig Site, located off on the right side of The Droughts, off the path of the main road up to the Crimson Raiders Dry Dock.

Enter the dig site, which you will need to do to speak with Tannis during the main missions, and look into the lower crevice below the central tent, where you can find a small tunnel leading to one of the Eridian Writings.

Pandora Eridian Writing Locations – Ascension Bluff

Ascension Bluff Eridian Writing 1

This particular slab of Eridian Writing is located in the far western reaches of the zone, guarded by a large bandit camp – though the writing itself lies outside of their area, you may have to fight to get to it.

You can find it on a high platform overlooking a ravine where the southern entrance to the camp is. However to reach the writing, you must take the long path up and around to the top where the printing station for the side mission – Golden Calves – takes you, and then run past it along a ledge until you reach the writing.

Promethea Eridian Writing Locations – Meridian Outskirts

There’s an Eridian Writing to be found in the Meridian Outskirts region, far off on the left side when first entering the underpass area from the fast travel jump spot.

Once you arrive in the large underpass area, head to the left to where the Side Mission Healers and Dealers leads you to a medical doctor’s room. Look at the back of the room behind the curtains to find slabs of rocks, and the writing will be among them.