This page contains information and locations of the Crimson Radio Towers you can find in several regions of Borderlands 3.

The Children of the Vault have hijacked the old Crimson Raiders broadcast channels and are now spewing propaganda for the Calypso Twins. Moxxxi wants you to put a stop to this, and will send you off in search of any of these towers that the COV are broadcasting from and shut them down.

Crimson Radio Locations below are divided up into regions. You can also view our Interactive Maps for more information.

Ascension Bluff Crimson Radio Location

You can locate this particular Crimson Radio tower not far from the entrance to the Ascension Bluff, located to the left of the main road leading towards the cliffs edge.

Look for a large power line along the rocks where bandits have set up camp, opposite the road where the Legendary Hunt is to find the satellite broadcasting the corrupted messages.

Promethea Crimson Radio Locations

Meridian Outskirts Crimson Radio Location

This Crimson Radio tower can be found in the Meridian Outskirts area, along the sewer underpass section around the back of the region.

Once you arrive in the back half of the underpass section, look for a lone collection of makeshift homes lashed together from shipping containers and crates, and check along the top for a glowing satellite dish to disable.

Meridian Metroplex Crimson Radio Location

You can find a Crimson Radio Tower hiding near the middle of the Meridian Metroplex above an eatery that requires some climbing to get to.

Make your way along the main roads of the Metroplex until you come to a corner where the Dynasty Diner is located, as part of the Side Mission – Dynasty Diner. The Radio Tower satellite itself is located around the back on a low roof, but in order to get to it you’ll need to work your way up to the nearby buildings, and look for yellow paint that marks a spot to clamber up and jump across to the rood where you can sabotage the broadcast.