In a time when the type of game is still quite clear, games like RPG and FPS elements like “The Land of No People” are definitely relatively new things. As the Raiders shooting game, the “No Land” series is not the first, but it is also one of the best.

From the collection of various firearms and various missions to the online happy hours between the three friends, Pandora’s wild wasteland carries many unforgettable memories and experiences. Over time, many games of the same type have emerged on the market, but there are still players who are obsessed with this series of “Don’t know when to count 3”. After many years of waiting, we finally ushered in the advent of “Borderlands 3”. For many years, “Borderlands 3” has a shooting feel and interaction that is more in line with this generation of standards; the performance of the plot, the picture and other aspects are also more rich and meticulous; but the series has always been black humor style, hot and refreshing The signature features of the shooting experience and the design of the firearms are unchanged, and players can still enjoy the purest “land of nowhere.”

The gameplay mode of “Borderlands 3” is roughly similar to the previous game, but it contains many new elements. It is still the beginning of a melodious music, or a small noisy lead. In this familiar and unfamiliar adventure, players can reunite with old friends such as Lilith, Zero, Maya, Ellie, etc., and complete the task side by side; they will also welcome new villains headed by Calypso twins. challenge.

The plot of this work is linked to the release of the DLC “Commander Lilith and the Refuge” that was released this year. After the refuge was blown up by Hector, Lilith was looking for the treasure house key while reorganizing the Scarlet Knights. But the treasure house key was found by the Calypso twins, the leader of the “secret son”, and Lilith was forced to fight with it. The story of this work is also carried out from the four new protagonists played by the player to help Lilith step by step against the “child of secrets.” Probably because of the tight schedule of the main line, the rhythm of the game feels more consistent than the previous works, interlocking. Under the tone of seemingly relaxed and humorous, the protagonists and the “children of the secrets” are full of twists and turns, and the ups and downs of the plot experience continue to make people feel boring. It is worth mentioning that “Borderlands 3” has also added many popular elements in the setting. For example, the Calypso twins as a villain are set as the network red anchors with a large number of fanatics. What is very embarrassing is that they will make their crimes a spoof video spread, and believers fans are more admired for their words and deeds, and they are obedient. It reflects some of the current cyber violence phenomenon and has certain realistic irony.

In addition, the Chinese dubbing of this whole process is also a highlight. The massive Chinese text and voice volume can be seen in 2K for Chinese players. The dialogue style of the characters in the game is basically displayed in the original way. The noisy noise and jokes make you want to slap him in the back; you can hardly imagine that FL4k and Vaughan’s two voices are smashing. The character is from the same voice actor. In the process, the player does not have to stare at the subtitles at all times, and can concentrate on the screen of the game itself, which enhances the overall plot.

At the same time that the main story is ups and downs, the player can still receive a variety of tricks and squadrons. Under the exaggerated and absurd expression techniques, some are extremely funny, while others are a little touched. For example, help doctor Ace Byron breaks the arm to treat the wounded; and the Atlas Guard who becomes a groin finds a savior and so on. This makes the player realize that when the gang group wins you, there are still many small people who are struggling to survive for themselves and others; the various quests are full of the whole game’s story and settings. In addition to fulfilling the rewards for richness, experiencing and understanding more stories is also a great motivation for me to complete these branches.

After one or two generations and prequels, if the story stage of “Borderlands 3” can only stay around Pandora, many players may not be satisfied. Gearbox also took this into consideration. The appearance of the “Refuge 3” spacecraft in “Borderlands 3” allowed the player to explore between multiple planets, greatly satisfying the player’s desire to explore the new area, and passing the interstellar Bounty hunter addiction. Every planet in the game has a scene with different styles. Pandora is still based on the familiar wasteland style, but players can take risks as a new area; Athena is on the top of the mountain, with an oriental architecture towering over the mountains. Oh, filled with an ancient and mysterious atmosphere; Promcia is a scene of a futuristic city, with flashing lights and a sense of science and technology; to Eden No. 6, swamps, lizards, beasts and other primitive wild animals This gives the player a jungle-like adventure. In addition, there is a space environment similar to the prequel in the patio 27.

Relying on the Unreal 4 engine, the “Conceptual Art Style” between the realism and the cartoon has a better play. When the scene changes, the environmental elements such as light, shadow, landform, and water surface are given a more realistic texture. Characters, firearms, traces on objects, graffiti, materials, etc. are also handled more delicately and richly. And the scene is also mixed with a lot of dynamic effects, so that the game has a stronger sense of production, such as when you first come to Promcia, you can watch the holographic dialogue of Reese, while looking at the window and the shelling, feel The tense atmosphere of the war.

However, in the case of improved performance in all aspects of image quality, there are some flaws. As a technology-savvy game, the optical and particle effects of guns, enemies, etc. in The Land of the Borderlands 3 are dazzling and gorgeous. But this also causes a lot of particle effects to be filled in some battle scenes. Sometimes the colorful light effects will make you unable to see the situation on the entire battlefield, and the picture will be more chaotic.