Technical introduction
WeChat game is a game library API added to the WeChat applet. Small games can only be run in a small program environment, so a small game is neither a native game nor exactly the same as an HTML5 game. But in fact, the small game is aimed at HTML5 game developers. In order to enable low-cost porting of HTML5 games, the game tries to reuse HTML5 technology derived from browsers such as WebGL and JavaScript. It can be said that the mini-game is a WeChat game product with a native experience built using HTML5 technology.

Development considerations
1, WeChat game is not a pure H5 environment, can be understood as a custom modified browser, the extension function, rendering, storage with JS script binding, so that the small game is actually running in the runtime environment, and debugging in development The environment is mainly web browsers, their memory and performance limitations are different, so run on the phone as soon as possible, try to expose the problem;
2, WeChat games only support JavaScript language, of course, can be compiled into JS TypeScript and CoffeeScript can also be used as Development language use;

Design considerations
For planning or operating personnel, there are also the following needs to pay attention to:
1. Small games must log in to WeChat portal, still have to go through Tencent audit or proxy, otherwise they can only spread through social communication;
2. If the original game is 1:1 transplanted to small games The gameplay and the system are completely unchanged, and the operation effect will be very poor.
3. The entrance of the mini-game on WeChat is very deep, at least four or five times. The biggest part of the traffic is not from the entrance of the small game list, but in social communication. , so we must spend time on the design of social communication;
4, WeChat friends list is currently not open, but invite friends to play the game is open to all;

Today is the 2400th birthday of the prince of the demon’s realm (you).
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